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Speckled Specialist

Captain Ricky Kellum, The Speckled Specialist

Captain Ricky and his two sons

Captain Ricky Kellum, The Speckled Specialist

As a boy I grew up fishing the waters of Sneads Ferry and New River. I can remember going with my dad and it being so cold that we had to break the ice to get up New River to catch a trout. He instilled in me the love of the sport, and the skill it takes to hook a big Speck. Back then he fished nothing but artificial bait. But it didn't keep him from getting the big fish. He caught the State record Speckled Trout in 1973, it was 11 lbs. 10 oz.

Since then little has changed. I still crave the salt water, and the feeling you get sitting out there on a boat netting that big fish, whether it be a trout, flounder, or drum. I fish both artificial and live bait, (something my dad would have probably never done).

I received my Captain's license in 2004, and am pursuing a career in a sport that I have been a part of for over 30 years. My hope, and goal, is to instill the same respect and want for fishing into my two sons that my father instilled in me before he passed away in 1984.

I have been in several tournaments over the past 11 years. Being a five time winner of the Swansboro Trout Tournament, the Atlantic Beach Light Tackle Tournament for 2 years, Court House Base Tournament for 2 years, also winning the JOEMC Flounder Tournament held in Sneads Ferry. The Ocean Isle Spring Trout Tournament, my oldest son has won first place Junior Angler. My wife has won Lady Angler in the Wildlife Bait and Tackle Flounder Tournament. And I have citations for Trout and Flounder over 10 lbs.

Today, I fish the entire coast of North Carolina and the northern tip of South Carolina, all the way from Morehead City to Little River.

I hope to lead you on a fun catch sometime real soon!

Captain Ricky Kellum
The Speckled Specialist

P.S. My schedule is filling up fast so be sure to book your trip soon!